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Administrative Assistant II (Property Custodian)

Administrative Division / Contractual

Deadline of Submission is January 21, 2022


Education : Completion of two (2) years studies in College

Experience : One (1) year relevant experience

Training : Four (4) hours relevant training

Eligibility : Not required for contractual position

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Undertakes the secured inventory custody of MRT3 supplies, materials and equipment in the Stockroom.

2.Controls systematically the issuance and maintenance of supplies and equipment.

3.Conducts the proper identification and classification of items in inventory custody and prepares the updated catalog or index of supplies, materials and equipment.

4.Implements the Inventory Control System, processes the approved Requisition and Issuance Slip (ICS), and issues the requested items to authorized employees.

5.Ensures all requested equipments are properly labeled with MRT3 property stickers prior to its issuance.

6.Handles the updating and monitoring of Stock Card, preparation of monthly inventory report, and annual physical counting for supplies, materials, and equipment in the Stockroom.

7.Prepares daily and weekly report on items delivered, issued, and in inventory.

8.Facilitates the mimeographing and reproduction of various accountable forms for the agency.

9.Maintains systematically and updates continually the databases and relevant files on procurement and contract services as well as properties and supplies management matters.

10.Ensures the cleanliness and orderliness of the Stockroom

11.Assists in the formulation of standard operating policies, directives, and procedures for the Procurement and Contract Services as well as properties and Supplies Management to improve and strengthen its operations.

12.Performs all other duties as assigned.

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