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Procurement of Various Office Equipment2021

By DOTC-MRT3 on May 04, 2021 under Small Value Procurement

Procurement of Various Office Equipment

Notice of Award

NOA - JC4 Office Supplies & Equipment Trading (Var. Off. Equip).pdf May 20, 2021 PDF

Request for Quotation

RFQ No. ADM2021-05-015 Var. Off. Equip..pdf May 04, 2021 PDF

Purchase Order

P.O. No. 2021-06-017 Var. Office Equipment.pdf June 18, 2021 PDF

PhilGeps Posting

PhilGEPS BNA No. 7663811 Var. Off. Equipment.pdf May 04, 2021 PDF
PhilGEPS ANA No. 3084457 Var. Office Equip. (posted).pdf May 20, 2021 PDF
PhilGEP ANA No. 3084457 Var. Office Equipment (updated).pdf June 18, 2021 PDF